Toni Ponce signs a new World Record in the Gran Premi Diputació de Barcelona

The catalan swimmer Toni Ponce had a goal before starting the copetition: beat the world record in the 50 meter breaststroke event. And he did it! Twice!

I wil try to beat the world record” he said during the presentation of the International Adapted Swimming Trophy ‘Ciutat de Barcelona’. The previous mark was in force since 2007 by the german Thomas Grimm with a time of 42″20.

Ponce beat the world record in his first opportunity during the morning series. The swimmer of the Club Natació Sitges got a new time of 41″46. But it would not be the only nor the last time that Toni Ponce would beat the record. Next time, in the afternoon, his own record.

At the final of the 50 meters event Toni Pone would get it again leaving the definitive new world record of this event with a time of 41 seconds and 22 tenths.

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