Para Swimming International Trophy: A commitment to Sustainability

Thanks to an agreement with Aquaservice, the 5th International Trophy is walking to the aim to be a 100% plastic-free competition, ceasing to use more than 4,000 bottles of water.

One of the commitments of the organization for the fifth anniversary of the Para Swimming International Trophy was to create a sustainable competition, eliminating single-use plastics.

The main target was focus on the water bottles provided to the athletes, for free use during all the weekend. And thanks to an agreement with Aquaservice, an integral supplier of mineral water and refreshing drink company leader in Spain who is also working on sustainability, we are making big steps.

We recommend to all the participants to come with their own bottle. You can fill it as many times as you want!

Dining area

Also, we will end with the single-use plastics used in the dining area between the morning and the afternoon events for those athletes who choice to take lunch with us. This year all the material will be biodegradable.