An Adapted Swimming Gran Premi Diputació full of records

The International Trophy Adapted Swimming has closed his second edition with a final participation of 140 swimmers from more than 5 countries. Sarai Gascón got a world record and the public could celebrate 6 Spanish records.

Gascón was the main protagonist of the competition. In the first day, Sarai broke the clock twice in the 50 meters butterfly. She got the world record in category S9. Finally, the Terrassa swimmer stops the time at 30 seconds and 96 tenths.

But it wasn’t the only record in the CN Barcelona pool. Spanish records were taken by Marian Polo in 100m backstroke (1’ 13” 37), Òscar Salguero (1’ 09” 79) and Toni Ponce (1’ 28” 48) in 100m breaststroke, Iván Fernández in 100m backstroke (1’ 51” 52), José Antonio Marí Alcaraz in 50m butterfly (27″ 63) and Òscar Salguero in 50m breaststroke (32” 97).

Carles Muñoz, president of the FECPC, who organized the competition, thinks “sport is the best tool to join different worlds that often live separate”. Also, Muñoz was satisfied about the highest number of swimmers in the second edition, the double of the previous year.

Results of the competition

Photogallery of the competition

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