Some curiosities after the competition (II)

The 12th CP Football International Trophy – Ciutat de Barcelona lifted us some curiosities that maybe you didn’t know.

Did you know that…

One of the Catalan players has a football boots from Claudio Bravo?

He is Pedro Tomàs López, one of the youngest players of the Catalonia National Team. How could he have the Manchester City goalkeeper football boots? Because when Pedro Tomàs was in the hospital, throught a comun friend of the Barça’s staff, Claudio Bravo gafe the boots as a present. Now, the catalan player dress them as a sign of gratitude.

Many Chileans came to the stadium to cheer their national team?

It was a great surprise when we saw the terraces full of Chilean fans before the game between Catalonia and Chile, on Thursday 9pm. The Chilean staff team explained us that they were looking on Facebook for groups of Chilean who are living in Catalonia to obtain their support. And they got it! Lot of people came to every game Chile was playing. Specially in the final. But it was not everything, since the fans sang the National Anthem a cappella. A really emotional moment for the players, who received from their supporters typical dishes and drinks from Chile.

Jordan visited the Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona stadium?

After a long travel, the National Team of Jordan was interested in making the most of the trip. They were looking the possibility to visit France, but was not easy. Finally they decided to visit one of the biggest football stadiums of the world, the FC Barcelona field, Camp Nou. The visit took place on Sunday, at 3pm, after the CP Football Trophy.

CP United won the triple crown before their participation in the 12th Ciutat de Barcelona?

CP United was the champion of our tournament, but this was not the only success they achieved this season. Before their participation in the 12th Ciutat de Barcelona, CP United won the domestic CP football treble. For the last two years the British has won the CP National League, the Disability FA Cup and National CP Cup. And this year was the third birthday of the club! Amazing! They’re the biggest CP Football school club in England, a reference in the country.

Chile could have lost the return flight if they had forced an extra-time in the final?

Chile was close to score a goal in the last minutes of the final against CP United and force an extra-time. If it would happened, the Chileans could have lost the return flight to their country. One of the staff members of the confessed his desire. “I would prefer to have lost the flight if we would have won the final“, he said after the game.

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