Some curiosities after the competition (I)

The 12th CP Football International Trophy – Ciutat de Barcelona lifted us some curiosities that maybe you didn’t know.

Did you know that…

Chile arrived to Barcelona few hours before their first match after a transoceanic flight?

Chile was supposed to arrived to Barcelona on Wednesday. But due to a flight problem, they finally landed to the catalan city on Thursday, few hours before their game against Catalonia. With no time to eat in the hotel or take a little break.  

The National Team leaved Chile to an intermmediary stop in Bogota, Colombia.   Surprisingly they met Carles Puyol in the colombian airport. Puyol was a professional player from FC Barcelona and he won a lot of titles.

The first red card didn’t appear until the last day of the group phase? 

Was in the match between Jordan and Austria, on saturday. Until that game any referee had the necessity to show a red card. But Sami Abu Sualik had to leave the field after he saw the referee’s sanction. And it was not the last of the day. In the afternoon, Ville Kuronen from Finland also saw a red card.

In the final of the tournament was CP United player John Foster who saw a red card in the second half after a tackle from behind. He scored twice before he had to leave the field.

Claus Hollmann was the oldest player of the competition?

The goalkeeper of the National Team of Austria was the oldest player who participated in the 12th International Soccer Trophy CP “Ciutat de Barcelona”. He is 52 years old but he showed to be in a good phisic condition. It was not easy for the rival forwards to score a goal against Hollmann.

And Charlie Byrne was the youngest one?

The Irish striker was only 13 years old when he played in Barcelona! There was a big phisical difference between him and the other players. Byrne played some minutes in different games and he had opportunities to score a goal. This competition was not his first experience; he played with the U17 National Team with only 12 years old! In fact, his birthday was only a week before the start of the Trophy.

A lot of people followed live the final by streaming?

More than a thousand of people were watching the final game between Chile and CP United of the competition by our live streaming. For example, in Manchester some CP United fans were watching together the game by big screen (photo). Many people were interested before the games to know if theycan follow live by streaming and we offered the 3rd and 4th place game between Italy and Ireland (more than 600 views) and the final match.

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