Increases the quality of the teams participants in the 13th CP Football International Trophy

From 7th to 10th of June, some of the best national teams of the world, like ArgentinaUnited States or Scotland, will take part in the thirteen edition of the “Ciutat de Barcelona”, in the facilities of CEM Clot de la Mel. The last champion, CP United, will repeat.

After 12 years, the CP Football International Trophy – Ciutat de Barcelona has become a reference activity, about to close all the teams that will participate in this edition. The competition will rich its highest level in the 13th edition. “The level of the participating teams has increased considerably. National teams of Argentina and United States, Top5 ranking, will be in Barcelona this summer”, explained Ismael Sánchez, competition head.

Even though USA will participate with a development team and not with their first team, the competition head expects two different groups according to their level since “Scotland also has a strong team”. The last championCP UnitedSW CP United and national teams of Denmark and Catalonia will join the American, Argentine and Scottish teams.

Growing competition

In the previous year, minutes after the end of the game between Catalonia and Italy, the last one for the Catalan team, staff and players from Catalonia showed their satisfaction with the number and the level from the other participant teams in the 12th “Ciutat de Barcelona”. All of them asked for the continuity of the tournament.

But, can a competition that does not have official status may continue growing? “We have reached our limit. The CP Football International Trophy – Ciutat de Barcelona is an Open and does not enter inside the schedule of the official competitions like world cups or European championships. On the other hand, there’s no any other Open trophy worldwide able to have 8 national teams in the same edition. Sometimes we thought about raising in number of teams, but due to the development character of the tournament, we have to limit the competition days.

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