CP United is the new champion of the 12th Ciutat de Barcelona

The British reached the glory after defeating Chile (1-2) in an exciting final, the best match seen during the tournament, in el Clot la Mel. Chile scored the first goal, but CP United had the best forward of the competition, John Foster, who scored twice. Hector García gave wings to their teammates with some great saves and Chile got an opportunity in the last minutes to force the draw.

Many of people came to the stadium to see the big final of the 12th CP Football International Trophy “Ciutat de Barcelona” and the match didn’t disappoint. Chile started with the desire to get the title and they scored the first goal after only 5 minutes played, by Alexis Pavez.

The National Team from South America made a little step behind and tried to be more conservative and CP United took advantage from this situation. John Foster got the draw (25′) and the match arrived to the half time like the beginning (1-1).

In the first minutes of the second part was John Foster again who scored for CP United, putting the British in front of the scoreboard (1-2). The english team was confortable in the field, with the better opportunities. And if it was not for Hector García, the goalkeeper from Chile, CP United could sentenced the final before. But Garcia saved every goal occasion.

Chile did not give up and they tried to draw the game since the last minute. Foster saw the red card after a taker from behind and Chile took advantage of the numerical superiority to attack again and again to the rival goal. And Bastian Zamorano got the better occasion with a shoot that ended in the goalpost.

Finally the victory was for CP United. The British made an excellent tournament, winning all their games with huge differences, except this exciting final. 

Ireland defeated Italy and finished in third position

 Italy and Ireland face each other in the third and fourth position match. The Italians hit first earlier by Andrea Augimeri (1-0), but Ryan Nolan answer very quick drawing the game (1-1). Before the break Spartak Doci made an other goal for Italy (1-2), the last one for the blues.

After de half time Ireland was superior. In the first minute the Irish draw the game, again (2-2). Was a hard shock for the Italians. They couldn’t react. And Ireland scored two goals in a few minutes by Sam Carroll and Sean Markey (2-4). The Irish National Team didn’t gave any options to Italy to reduce the difference in the scoreboard.

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