Argentina dominates and wins the 13th International CP Football Trophy ‘Ciutat de Barcelona’

The national team of Argentina won the 13th edition of the International CP Football Trophy ‘Ciutat de Barcelona’ after defeating USA in the final (5-0). The albiceleste played a perfect tournament finishing unbeaten after four games, with 25 goals in favor and only 2 against. USA posed a good match but could not with the strength and the experience of its rival.

No chance for the young team of United States in the final of the tournament. The bet to develop his U19 national team went well to the coach Anthony Latronica and all the American delegation, as they reached the final and it was quite an experience for their players. But in the end they could do little against Argentina.

The top scorer of the competition Mariano Morana advanced to his team with a goal after 19 minutes. And only 7 minutes after, he scored the second one. But it wouldn’t be the last for him, as he will finish with a hat trick. At the half time, and despite the result (2-0), the game was already decided. The inertia and control was Argentine.

Even though USA offered a great football during the tournament dominating the tempo of the games, the national team of Argentina imposed his experience and strong on the field, controlling the game and with the best opportunities to end the game with 5-0.

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